Are you or your company using/handling diisocyanates?

As from 24 August 2023, you will be required to complete a training on the safe use of diisocyanates. You can find your training here on this website. Trainings are now available in English and German. The other EU languages will follow during the course of 2022. You can find an indicative timeline of the roll-out of all new languages in the News Section of the website.

You can book self e-learning courses at 5€/person. As a company, you will soon be able to create an admin account at no cost to register your employees. You can also register as a trainer against an annual subscription fee.

Important: Due to the success of our platform, some technical upgrades are necessary and therefore the website will be down on Sunday 12 June.

Towards the end of June, the administrative account will be fully operational, the interface and selection page will have a new look and additional languages (FR/NL/ES/IT) will be accessible.


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We need your help to share the word that trainings are becoming mandatory! Please share the video message from the Secretary General of ISOPA/ALIPA Jörg Palmersheim on your social media or other online channels. Let’s keep using diisocyanates safely for a sustainable Europe!

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