External Trainers


An external trainer is either a self-employed individual or an employee of a training institute/consultancy who provides training to trainees against a fee. If you are interested in booking a virtual classroom training or a face-to-face training with an external trainer, please consult our list of trainers and contact them directly.

Process for external trainers:



Confirm by email to training@safeusediisocyanates.eu that you are an external trainer. Provide your CV including educational certificates such as the certificate received via the ISOPA/ALIPA Train-the-Trainer.


Agreement and fee

Sign the agreement. This agreement includes a 1.000,00€ annual subscription per trainer fee for access to training materials and be listed on our matrix or training list.


Access to training material

After signing the agreement and the payment you will receive access to the training paths.



After signing the agreement and the payment you will receive access to the training paths.

  1. Open your administrative account or create one if you don’t already have one. Once created you should receive an email to validate your email address.

  2. Inform training@safeusediisocyanates.eu mentioning the login (email) of your administrative account so that we can activate your access.
  3. Go into your personal account:
    • Click on ‘My account’ and then ‘User & credentials’.
    • Update your password and confirm it. Make sure to use a different password than the last 4 ones used on your account previously.
  4. Go then to your admin account:
    • Click on ‘Contact’ and then ‘Import’. Upload the people who should receive a certificate by using the XLS template
      • If the person has no email address: create email address based on firstname.familyname@training.isopa
      • The language column in the template refers to the language of the website interface (not the certificate)
    • Upload the filled-in template
    • In ‘Contacts’, select the ones who should receive a certificate and save the selection in the top-right corner. We advise to make a selection based on the training number / language and date of training (not a must but easier further down in the process). If all imported contacts have to receive the same certificate in same language / same training, then there is no need to make a selection.
  5. Go to the webshop for external trainers and login with your credentials (making sure using same email address as your administrative account)
    • Complete the required information
    • Select the quantity and type of certificate (the language of the certificate can be chosen during the download of the certificates)
    • Go to the end of the registration and complete the online payment
  6. If payment is successful, go back to your admin account. You can see the number of 
certificates purchased and the number of certificates delivered

    • Select your contacts or retrieve your selections and allocate a certificate
    • When downloading the certificates, you can select the language of the certificates