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The REACH restriction on diisocyanates defines 3 different training elements, namely

Level 3

Advanced training

Level 2

Intermediate training

Level 1

General training

We recommend the following procedure for the correct selection of our trainings (T 0xx):

Step 1

Select your application sector/uses/workplace conditions as defined in the legislation

Step 2

Select the appropriate training.

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List of trainings
Application sector / workplace conditionsTraining numberTrainingTraining Modules
General training for industrial and professional uses (minimum requirement)T 045General training001+Q
Foam manufacturingT 047Flexible Slabstock001+018+Q
T 046Flexible Moulded Foam001+017+Q
T 055Rigid PU foam Production001+004.1+Q
Maintenance and repair with possible diisocyanate contactT 037Maintenance and repair with possible diisocyanate contact, handling of hot or warm chemical formulations (≥ 40°C). Cleaning and waste001+015+013+010+Q
Open handling of hot or warm formulations (>45°C),T 039Open handling of hot or warm formulations (>45°C), cleaning and waste001+013+010+Q
Wood composites productsT 057Wood composites products001+016+Q
Print Shops – 2 Component InksT 056Print Shops – 2 Component Inks001+019+Q
Foundry IndustryT 012Foundry Industry001+014+004+010+Q
Adhesives and SealantsT 054Maintenance or repair of machines used for the application of adhesives001+015+Q
T 053At high temperatures (above 45 °C) and/or high speed and/or spraying001+053+Q
T 048One-component PU foams048+Q
Joint Sealants
T 049Flooring Adhesives and Coatings049+Q
T 050Crack Injection Resins050+Q
T 048Plumbing048+Q
Vehicle repair
Other applications of Ahesive and Sealants
T 051Industrial plants and factories, direct application out of small packaging051+Q
T 052Industrial bonding at ambient temperature without spraying001+052+Q
For any other application, select training
CoatingsT 034Professional painting – Painting with brush and roller021_1+Q
T 019Professional painting – Spray booth Application021_2+Q
T 033Spraying outside a ventilated booth , Open handling of hot or warm formulation, Cleaning and waste001+012+013+Q
T 024Application by dipping or pouring, open handling of hot or warm chemical formulations (≥ 40°C), cleaning and waste001+008+013+010+Q
T 013Other (non-spraying) methods of applying adhesives and sealants001+004+013+Q
T 020Application by brush or roller, open mixture handling, cleaning and waste001+006.7+013+010+Q
T 023Professional painting – Spraying outside Application021_1+Q
T 003Spraying in a ventilated booth, open mixtures, cleaning and waste001+005+004+Q
Handling of open mixtures at ambient temperaturesT 015Handling of open mixtures at ambient temperatures, cleaning and waste001+004+010+Q
Cleaning and WasteT 042Cleaning and Waste001+010+Q
Production & Formulation of DiisocyanatesT 070Production & Formulation of Diisocyanates containing Products001+2.3+Q
T 071Continuous Manufacturing of Elastomers (incl. TPU) Training Program001+2.2+Q
T 072Appliances Production Training Program001+2.1+Q

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