ISOPA and ALIPA are working to launch a comprehensive package of training materials to ensure workers across Europe continue to handle diisocyanates safely. Jörg Palmersheim, Secretary-General of ISOPA and ALIPA, provides an update in the video below on the status of the roll-out of the trainings. To stay up to date on future developments, ISOPA/ALIPA encourages stakeholders to sign-up for news on the availability of trainings and other relevant developments.

Obligatory training for diisocyanates users

To ensure that workers across the EU can continue to handle diisocyanates safely, new training requirements will become mandatory for professional and industrial users under the EU’s REACH Regulation from 24 August 2023.

The user of diisocyanates - either the employer of the user or the self-employed person - must complete and document the completion of the training. If users do not comply with these mandatory trainings, they will no longer be allowed to work with diisocyanates.

That’s why ISOPA and ALIPA with our industry partners are organizing a comprehensive training programme to ensure the safe use of diisocyanates for producers and professional users all over Europe.

Further information about the training requirements is available on 

Training is becoming mandatory for industrial and professional users of diisocyanates in the EU from 24 August 2023. ISOPA and ALIPA are developing a comprehensive training programme. 


To stay up to date on future developments, ISOPA/ALIPA encourages stakeholders to sign-up for news on the availability of trainings and other relevant developments.

Jörg Palmersheim, Secretary-General of ISOPA and ALIPA, will speak about the training requirements for those working with diisocyanates from 24 August 2023 at the 5th REACH Congress organized by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) and Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA). The Congress takes place virtually on April 21 and April 22, 2021, and it constitutes a valuable forum for debates on important REACH topics.

This year’s event will consider the impacts of the REACH Regulation on occupational safety. ISOPA will share the experiences of the diisocyanates industry concerning the mandatory training requirements put in place under REACH at a panel discussion on the standard operating procedures to train workers.

ISOPA and ALIPA together with industry partners are working to launch a comprehensive set of training materials for users of diisocyanates to ensure safety in the workplace. The training requirement under REACH enters into force on 24 August 2023 at which point the training must be completed by industrial and professional users of diisocyanates.

Further information about the training requirements is available on and stakeholders can also sign-up for future updates with the latest information.

ISOPA/ALIPA released an updated version of the e-book guide to the mandatory training under the REACH Restriction applying to diisocyanates.

The updated e-book contains a new timeline for the roll-out of the training materials to the affected users of diisocyanates across Europe.

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ISOPA/ALIPA were delighted to meet with stakeholders at our November 5th 2020 webinar on the status of industry efforts to respond to the Restriction on Diisocyanates.  

ISOPA/ALIPA Secretary General Jörg Palmersheim gave an overview of the new regulation under REACH on Diisocyanates published in August 2020 which introduced new minimum training requirements for workers handling Diisocyanates and mixtures containing Diisocyanates. We heard about how risk and exposure impact what level of training is necessary, along with the wider scope of the restriction. We look forward to working with everyone involved over the coming years to ensure the implementation of the training becomes a success.

This was followed by a lively Q&A session where we discussed training obligations and levels, interplay with national authorities and the future of < 0,1% monomer HDI products. ISOPA/ALIPA would like to thank everyone who could attend.

If you missed this one, you can find the recording here.

For further information, click here for an updated guide to the REACH process applying to Diisocyanates.

On 4 August, the European Union published the REACH Restriction on diisocyanates which will introduce mandatory training requirements for workers using diisocyanates from 24 August 2023.

To help stakeholders understand the next steps, ISOPA and ALIPA are now publishing an updated version of their e-book on the Restriction aiming to provide a brief introduction and answer some of the main questions that actors along the polyurethanes value chain may have.

The e-book is available for download here.  

In addition to the introduction provided by the e-book, ISOPA/ALIPA are committed to provide more information and answer questions from stakeholders moving forward.

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In December 2018, ECHA (the European Chemicals Agency) published the conclusion for the substance evaluation on 4,4’ methylenediphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) by Estonia, the evaluating Member State.

Read press release here

Download ECHA's Report here

The December issue of the European Coatings Journal features an article by Jörg Palmersheim about the proposed diisocyanates REACH restriction process currently under discussion in the European institutions.

Download article here

Source: European Coatings Journal, issue 12/2018

In the framework of the regulatory process, industry is planning to carry out a cohort study to be able to evaluate the success of the proposed restriction. Enclosed is a flyer (in German only) explaining the process and inviting companies to take part. Should you be interested in knowing more about this please contact the ISOPA-ALIPA office. 

Download here

On September 25th 2018, ISOPA and ALIPA together with Urethane Technology International conducted their 2nd international Webinar to inform industry and other stakeholders about the proposed restriction by ECHA on diisocyanates.

Download here

On 18 May 2018, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) published the consolidated opinion of the Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) and Socio-Economic Assessment Committee (SEAC) on the restriction of diisocyanates. This is an important step in the legislative developments towards the final proposal of the European Commission.

ISOPA and ALIPA, representing diisocyanates producers, are pleased to see this process move forward and call upon the European Commission to continue to support the work that has been carried out jointly by industry and regulators thus far.

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